Most of the civilizations of the late bronze age were mysteriously destroyed at around the same time in the 12th century BC. Archaeologists have been debating what caused this destruction for over a century. Was it invaders? An earthquake storm? Famine and drought? Plague? Was it the mysterious “Sea Peoples” mentioned in the Eyptian sources as destroying everything in their path?

Joining us to help solve the mystery is Eric Cline, archaeologist and ancient historian at the George Washington University, and author of the book 1177BC.: the Year Civilization Collapsed.


Bronze Age Collapse, Mycenae, Pylos, Tiryns, Troy, Ugarit, Hattusa, Hittite, Assyrian Empire, Sea Peoples, systems collapse, archaeology, Akkadian, linear b, Amenhotep, Merneptah, Ramses III, drought, plague, earthquake, famine, Uluburun, shipwreck, Santorini, eruption, Minoans, Knossos